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On this page, you‘ll find everything about the festival‘s location, daily‘s and amenities. If you are already in the forest, visit the info centre house – there you‘ll find all-knowing volunteers who can answer your questions!

The festival will be a unique experience surrounding, Masters of Calm home  “Auksinė giria”, which is located in Asveja regional park pineland, close to Asveja lake. This is a kingdom where nature and fresh air rule, all senses are cared for by balanced meals, and the breath can be taken away by surprising and comfortable spaces for lectures, sober celebrations and new findings. In Auksinė Giria you‘ll find the biggest dream catcher, giant‘s chair, psychological 4 element labyrinth, Love road and the escape room.
Food and watter

Ticket price includes 3 times  daily  meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You‘ll enjoy hot, healthy, satisfying and different (vegetarian or vegan) meals. Food serving will be as per the program‘s schedule and will last for one hour, so we are inviting you to arrive on time.

 We encourage eco-friendly ideas and ask you to bring your own dishes: plate, bowl, cup and spoon, which afterwards you‘ll be able to wash using our home-built large dish washing sink. In the festival area, we drink water from a tap, which comes from the well.  So, remember to bring a water flask which you‘ll be able to refill at any time!

Children and youth

The festival is friendly to families with children of different ages. In a specially made meadow for children  there will be activities based on the principles of pedagogy for the littles ones ( from 3 years to 12 years)

 Children will be taken care of by the experienced Whatansu teachers and camp leaders. For children over 12 years there will be creativity workshops,  and those older than 16 years could choose to join either creativity workshops or lectures that are suited for the youth.

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Living conditions

In the festival there will be a separate living space, where you could build your tent that you brought.  If you have a tent but don‘t know how to build it? Our volunteers will be happy to help you, just ask, and we‘ll hurry to help you.

 Do you have a camper? Wonderful, you can arrive with it and live like at home – you can park without any extra costs. Important to know: electricity and water connection to camper will not be available. Do you not want to sleep in a tent? All „Auksinės Giria“ houses are already reserved, but reach out to and we‘ll redirect you to other nearby camp houses. And of course there is always an option to sleep in a hammock.


At the festival area, you’ll find bio-toilets. They will be conveniently placed in both sleeping and “action” areas.

Dishes you’ll be able to wash in specially made large sinks, and to shower you can take our volunteer made WARM outdoor showers with the view to pine tops.

For refreshing you’re always welcome to the see-through Asvejos lake. We ask you to respect the lake and wash there without any soap, shampoos and gels, even if it’s eco-friendly.

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F. A. Q.

Tent, sleeping bag, dishes, comfortable shoes, sitting mat – is your head already spinning? For your convenience we made a list of what you may need for the festival. Click here for the full list of items!

Most of the lectures (about 90%) will be without pre-registration, so you can freely join any chosen lecture. Registration is only needed for lectures with a limited number of attendees – these will be marked in the program with the letter „R“. You will have to register for them in the Info centre upon arrival at the festival.

In our Facebook and websites you can find all the information about the teachers  and their lectures.

Every day after breakfast and dinner there will be an introduction of the teachers where they‘ll briefly introduce themselves and their lecture. Also, you can visit the info centre, where volunteers will be happy to tell you all they know about the lectures and lecturers. So, you can find the information in many ways, the only thing left is to ask yourself – what is important to me, what do I want to learn?

Registration for personal consultations is at the info centre. Registration will open only after the festival begins. You‘ll also be able to find more information about consultations, massages and other personal practices at the info centre.

If the event is happening at the planned time and location, ticket returns are not available. We invite you to find a friend or a stranger, who would be happy to purchase your ticket! Every Sunday in the festival‘s Facebook event, there will be a virtual announcement board, where you can exchange your ticket with another vacationer.

 IMPORTANT! The term for ticket return because of COVID-19 situation has expired. However, if you purchased your ticket in 2019, we would be happy to transfer your ticket to the next year.

Write us an email at In the email please provide your first and last names, contact information (email, phone no.) and attach your tickets. When we‘ll have your details we will transfer your tickets to the year 2022. For any questions write or call us –, or +370 679 59 694.

✓ All lectures.

✓ Variety of morning exercises and meditations.

✓ All-day meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Food is vegetarian or vegan.

✓ Part of the entertainment that is happening in the festival.

✓ Festival cultural program, alternative activities, thematic evenings by the bonfires.

✓ Place for your  tent.

✓ Place for cars or campers.

✓ Warm outdoor showers and clean bio-toilets.

✓ Opportunity to meet specialists of different kinds in one place.

We are inviting handicraftsmen, artists and new inventors to sell everything that matches the festival values. Cafe and food will be taken care of by ourselves, so we politely ask not to inquire about selling your food.

We will wait for your emails with links at, tel. 862110820

Hot and fresh, healthy and various. There will be vegetarian and vegan food to choose from. Food serving will be as per program schedule 3 times per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food serving will be for one hour only, so we invite you to arrive on time. Also, during the festival the cafes will be open. There you could purchase festival-made snacks and desserts, have coffee or tea, or get hot water. Have some money at hand!

Write a short email about your experience and what activity you would want to organize. You can attach links, where we could read more about the activity. Please send all the information to us by email:

We adore animals but to keep the safety of the festival surroundings, children who will be playing or allergic people, we kindly ask you to leave your pets to someone who you trust and don‘t bring them to the festival.

If you would like to volunteer, know how you would be able to contribute to creating Masters of Calm festival – submit a volunteering form and we‘ll reach out to you. Do you have ideas that you would want to implement at the festival?  Write to 

More information.


As the wise men say – NOW is the best time. The prices will increase every month closer to the festival, so if you take care of the tickets today, tomorrow you could calmly wait for the wonderful summer holiday!

Even one day at the festival will bring you a lot of happiness, but the biggest effect – full relaxation and immersive holiday, happens if you stay the whole time – 10 days. IMPORTANT! This year to create a safe environment we will regulate arrivals, therefore we are inviting you to stay for 3, 5, 10 days or both weekends (6 days).

All who want to record the festival moments and write stories should reach out to or call +37065593188 (Birutė).

This is quite a frequent question which we get from the festival participants, and we can answer assuredly –   YES.  Some people choose to come alone because they want to relax from their surroundings and they know that in Masters of Calm friendships happen in the first hours. Here, gather curious seekers who are open to making friendships so the dialogue happens spontaneously.

 In practical lectures the teachers give tasks for groups or pairs, so even during the lectures there is an opportunity to get to know each other better. Then you can see how this relationship extends to talks about the lecture during lunch time in the meadow.

 Not to mention our team of volunteers, who are looking  for any curious eyes that would like to be talked to.

 P.S if you want to remain alone, it is really possible. Here, people respect each other‘s peace and privacy. So, if you wouldn‘t want to meet new people, you can fall into a hammock, read a book while  sipping a coffee or meditate while watching the tops of the forest pines. 

No problem – festival vacationers are cooperating into bands. Visit our Facebook group, where you‘ll easily find a band to arrive with or offer a ride yourself!