On this page, you‘ll find everything about the festival‘s location, daily‘s and amenities. If you are already in the forest, visit the info centre house – there you‘ll find all-knowing volunteers who can answer your questions!

What to bring to the festival?

  • water resistant tent
  •  warm sleeping bag
  • sleeping pads
  • yoga mat
  • dishes (plate, bowl, cup, spoon)
  • comfortable shoes: rain boots or hiking shoes, sandals, slippers, sneakers: whatever you prefer
  • summer clothes and warm clothes for evening

Do you need to register for the lectures?

Most of the lectures (about 85%) will be without pre-registration, so you can freely join any chosen lecture. Registration is only needed for lectures with a limited number of attendees or those with extra cost – these will be marked in the program with the letter „R“ and EUR. You will have to register for them in the info center upon arrival of the festival.

What is the easiest way to choose which lectures to attend?

You can find all information about teachers and lectures on our website www.mastersofcalm.com

Every day after breakfast and dinner there will be an introduction of the teachers, where they will briefly introduce themselves and their topic.  

Our tips for you is to ask yourself – what is the most important for me to learn? What do I want to learn or experience? Then, based on that intention and how you feel about the teachers you read about or went to the introduction of, you can make a decision. 

How to register for personal consultations?

At the festival you can get your personal astrology reading, massage, human design reading and other consultations. Registration is at the info center. There you will find more information about all healers of the festival. 

Can I return the ticket?

Sorry, we don’t have any return policy. You can try to sell you ticket by making a post in our Facebook event or you can change you ticket to next year – for this you need to inform us before this years festival, send an email to: [email protected]

What is included in the ticket price?

✓ All lectures.

✓ Variety of morning exercises and meditations.

✓ All-day meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Vegetarian and vegan.

✓ Cultural festival-program, alternative activities, thematic evenings by the bonfires.

✓ Place for your tent.

✓ Place for cars or campers.

✓ Warm outdoor showers and clean bio-toilets.

✓ Opportunity to meet specialists of different practices, all in one place.

You might need extra money (cash or card) if you want to buy anything in the festival market, at the cafe or do personal consultations.

How could I sell my goods during the festival?

We are inviting craftsmen, artists and new inventors to sell everything that matches the festival values. Food is included in the ticket, and drinks and sweets are being sold by the Masters of Calm cafe, so we politely ask not to inquire about selling your food etc.

We will wait for your emails with links [email protected], tel. 860855667

What kind of food will be there?

Three meals a day are included in your ticket (breakfast, lunch, dinner). You can choose vegetarian or vegan options. Warm, fresh, healthy and a good variety of food will be served. 

Each meal is being served at a certain time, you can see the schedule in the program, and only for one hour. Additionally, you will find cafes where you can try homemade sweets and other snacks. 

I want to give a lecture – what to do?

Write a short email about your experience and what activity you would want to organize. You can attach links so that we can read more about the activity you want to offer. Please send all the information to us by email: [email protected]

Can I bring my pet?

We love animals but to keep the safety and hygiene of the festival surroundings, we kindly ask you to leave your pets at home.

Can I come for less than 9 days?

Even one day at the festival will bring you a lot of happiness, but you will have the most benefit if you stay throughout the whole festival, then you can experience full relaxation and an immersive holiday. If that is not possible for you, you can purchase your 1 day, 3 day, 5 day ticket.

Can I come to the festival alone?

This is quite a frequent question which we get from the festival participants, and we can answer assuredly –   YES. 

Some people choose to come alone because they want to relax from their surroundings and they know that in Masters of Calm friendships can happen even within the first hours or arriving. People are very open for new connections here. 

How to arrive, if I don‘t have a car?

No problem – festival participants cooperate with cars. There are also some drivers who are driving to the festival and back for a fee. This is our official group where you can find more information about it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mocvaziuojuvezu.