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About festival

About festival
What if adventure in nature would help you find answers to your key issues?

To meet each participant with open hands and hearts – that is our goal. We know that you are on a path of self-discovery – we are on it ourselves. We learn from the festival lecturers like everybody else who comes to listen to them.

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A festival for families and everyone

The Masters of Calm festival started with one person seeking to find his Teacher. Now, a decade after having arranged this festival, it has grown into a celebration that attracts thousands of participants, and has brought together an active community, and become the main attraction for a conscious lifestyle in Lithuania.

We strongly believe that understanding the meaning of life comes from sincerely giving to others. Therefore, through our festival, we create an environment where people gather to share their knowledge and help each other improve.

Masters of Calm – come to a holiday that revives the desire to grow, improve and enjoy the simplicity of life. Every year, thousands of nature lovers who want to discover the secrets of a healthy and conscious lifestyle gather in the Golden Forest, a healthy lifestyle and recreation area. It’s like a tiny world, full of knowledge, cultures, religions, experiences and calmness.

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Masters Of Calm Masters Of Calm


What vacation do you want this year? Do you want rest, nature, inspiration, adventure, meaningful time? Dreaming of a vacation for your body, mind and soul?

Masters of Calm will remind you that a harmonious, joyful and in every sense FULL life does exist! Here you can combine quality relaxation in nature and self-knowledge. It is like a self-development retreat or a leisure camp, the duration and program of which you choose yourself. Come for 2, 3, 5 or all 10 days.

What is waiting for you? Yoga, exercise or meditation in the morning, lectures and practices during the day, dancing, workshops or conversations by the fire in the evening. More than 70 teachers, 140 lectures and experiences, 20 different types of yoga, meditations, lots of mindfulness practices, creative workshops and outdoor fun! And in the evenings – as many as 4 cultural spaces where concerts, dances, evening entertainment and bonfires will be held.

Festival program

Why is it worth coming?

  • You will become more open with yourself and others.
  • You will gather tools and knowledge on how to create a more loving and happy environment in your everyday-life.
  • You will expand your worldview with new ideas and people.
  • You will experience ten days full of adventures, colors and emotions.
  • You will definitely find at least one friend or soul mate.
  • You will fully relax and revitalize your soul in beautiful natural surroundings.

And you will completely lose track of time – one day here feels like a week. It is hard to believe how much you can experience in 24 hours.

Escape to nature

You can go solo or take your loved ones on this getaway. You can try yoga, meditation for the first time, or participate in various trainings and workshops for the advanced. To live in a tent, settle in a camper, get to know a sustainable way of life, experience joy and be intoxicated by nature and the beauty of life itself.

For friends

Mind and body retreat

Why is Masters of Calm a great place to bring your friend(s)? Sometimes it's hard to meet everyone's needs in the group - but here the program is so rich that everyone will find something they like. There are 16 different lectures per day, personal consultations, creative workshops, a beautiful lake and options for walks in nature, a cafe, library and games. In the evening you can all enjoy concerts or chill in the lounge area. ( with snacks and meaningful talks)

Family festival

Many families choose this festival as their holiday place. Why?

We try to take care of the families as much as possible so that not only the children, but the whole family can have an amazing holiday.

We have different areas for children from 3-12 years and from 13-18 years, where they have their own activities run by professionals. Meanwhile you as a parent can go to lectures etc. A meal 3 times per day is included in the ticket, and there will be a table for kids where they can find more simple foods. We recommend living in a tent in the festival area, or you can travel with a camper. Warm showers are included!

For couples

Are you looking for new ideas for a couples adventure?

At Masters of Calm you can take some time to honor and appreciate the love you have for each other. Discover practises, lectures and workshops that will help you to know yourself and your partner better. We believe in love and want to share all that love and wisdom we have for couples to create strong, beautiful, inspiring and long lasting relationships.

For those who travel alone

Solo travel is a brilliant experience that is becoming more popular nowadays.

Join this body and mind retreat, explore yourself, explore a new culture, enjoy nature and revitalize your soul. It is impossible to feel lonely in Masters of Calm - people are very open and eager to meet new friends, to have an inspiring conversation near the fireplace, to have lunch together or to get into spontaneous adventures like night swims.

To travel solo might be one of the most enriching experiences you will ever have!

It is all included conscious holiday retreat in Europe

Your ticket gives you:

  • Pass to lectures and workshops for your body, soul and relationships
  • 3 vegetarian/vegan meals a day (breakfast, lunch, supper)
  • Evening concert and cultural program
  • Outdoor games and fun activities
  • Childcare
  • Space for youth
  • Parking pass
  • Camping
  • Warm showers

You need extra money if you want to visit the festival cafe, get a massage or personal consultation (astrology, psychology, bioenergetic etc.)


Experience a self-improvement vacation where the only task is choosing which lecture, practice, or activity to attend today.

Festival program