What if adventure in nature would help you find answers to your key issues?

Meeting each participant with open hands and hearts, knowing that we will meet many more times to come –  is our goal. We know that you are on an inspiring path of self-discovery – we are on it ourselves. We learn from the festival lecturers as sincerely as everyone who came to listen to them.


Masters of Calm festival started with one person seeking his Teacher. Over the decade, we have grown into a celebration that attracts thousands of participants, brought together an active community and become the centre of attraction for a conscious lifestyle in Lithuania. 


We strongly believe that understanding the meaning of life comes from sincere giving to others. Therefore, with our festival, we create an environment where people gather to share their knowledge and help each other improve.

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Masters of Calm – come to a holiday that revives the desire to grow, improve and enjoy everyday life. Every year, several thousand nature lovers who want to discover the secrets of a healthy and conscious life gather in the Golden Forest, a healthy lifestyle and recreation area. It’s like a tiny world, full of knowledge, cultures, religions, experience and calmness.

Retreat to nature.

You may participate in this retreat alone or take those that are most precious to you.

You may try out yoga for the first time or participate in various training and workshops for the advanced.

To live in a tent, settle down in a camper, learn about the beauty of sustainable life, experience joy and get high from – no, not alcohol, but life’s vastness itself.