Delicious food | Rich leisure time | Rest in nature

2021 august 13-22 d.

Life changing adventure

Harmonious, joy bringing and fulfilling in all ways life truly exists! We create it every day, save throughout the year and accommodate the ten prettiest days of summer in Masters of Calm festival.

We are waiting for you if you want to experience together a world full of colors, action, unique traditions and experiences without constantly running from stress.

Is this year looking for a little bit more? Join us and become a volunteer at the festival! When sharing our talents we get to know ourselves anew,  find like-minded people, learn to hear and understand our team members.

Besides all this, volunteering might become so joyful that the side effect – we may meet for another year!

For those who want to know

Come alone or with those who are precious to you – in Masters of Calm festival under Golden praises branches every person will find activities they enjoy and themes that interest them.

This year lectures will be held in 7 different festival areas and almost 100 experts in their field will be sharing their knowledge and experience. Instructors – practitioners on consciousness and personal growth from various countries will invite you for consultations some of which are personal and cost.

Here everyone will fit – those that want to dive into new experiences intensely and those that are going to simply enjoy summer and discoveries.


Festival ticket comes with:

Delicious vegetarian/vegan serving 3 times per day, parking space for your car, the place for your tent, warm outdoor showers, lectures, various practices, morning exercises and meditations, children (aged from 3 to 12 years old) can be left with supervision during the lectures time. Children up to the age of 4 can enter free of charge.

Looking for an easy afternoon? We invite you to rest in areas made in festival territory for young and old that include resting, attractions, games, creative works spaces. In the evening, enjoy a rich cultural program, performances on stage near bonfires. Here every person will find how to cheer themselves up.

Program 2021

For friends

Lectures – that’s not all! 

In Masters of Calm festival music plays loud and various experiences, attractions and pleasant surprises lurk around everywhere from morning till evening.

Legend says that’s the exact reason why your 15-minute journey to the tent might take up to 3 hours instead.

For couples

How strongly do butterflies beat inside your belly when we aim for something together with our better half? Like the first time we met. Discover practices, lectures and activities that will help you to understand your partner better. Rest in special SPA programs made for men and women.

Our goal is that in Masters of Calm festival you have all the necessary conditions to grow, dream together and become Masters of your own relationships.

For families

When was the last time you felt that everything was taken care of?

Lunch – made. Watching your kids romp outside from afar. In your free time during lectures exploring your own world, finding time for coffee and sweets for just the two of you. Or maybe you’re pulling out a long-forgotten but lovable book. Peace and fullness flow into the heart. 

Dear parents, during the lectures in the “Children meadow”, your children (aged 3-12) will be supervised by the leaders of the experimental camp “Whatansu”, and various activities and games will be organised by Masters of Calm volunteers.

Maybe it’s time to have some quality rest during your holiday?

Paskaitos – tai dar ne viskas !

Masters of Calm festivalyje garsiai groja muzika, o įvairūs patyrimai, pramogos ir malonumai jūsų tyko nuo ryto iki vakaro.

Legenda sako, kad būtent dėl jų 15 minučių kelias iki palapinės gali užtrukti iki 3 val.

Kaip stipriai plaka pilve drugeliai, kai su savo antrąja puse siekiame kažko kartu?

Tarsi patį pirmą kartą susitikus…  Atraskite praktikas, paskaitas ir užsiėmimus, kurie padės geriau suprasti savo partnerį. Ilsėkitės vyrams ir moterims pritaikytose SPA programose.

Siekiame, jog Masters of Calm festivalyje turėtumėte visas galimybes augti, svajoti kartu – ir tapti savo santykių Masteriais.

Kada paskutinį kartą jautėte, kad viskuo pasirūpinta?

Pietūs – pagaminti, iš tolo stebite, kaip vaikai šėlsta lauke. Laisvu laiku paskaitose tyrinėjate save ir pasaulį, randate laiko kavai ir saldėsiams dviese. Galbūt išsitraukiate seniai užmirštą knygą. Širdį užplūsta ramybė ir pilnatvė.

Mieli tėveliai, „Vaikų pievoje” paskaitų metu jūsų vaikus (3-12 m.) prižiūrės patirtinių stovyklų Whatansu vadovai, įvairias veiklas ir žaidimus organizuos ir Masters of Calm savanoriai. 

Gal jau metas per atostogas pailsėti?  


Very special space to employ not only the mind but also the hands. Everyone will choose from such an abundance! Incense, aromatherapy and clay workshops, creation of dream collages, production of friendship bracelets and dream traps.

Rest zones

These are the places where the rest live. In the meadow will be a forest cafe with the most delicious sweets, you can swim in the lake by boat or sup, and in the sauna area you will be able not only to enjoy hot steams several times a day, but also pamper yourself with specially prepared forest SPA programs.


From self-education books and eco cosmetics to minerals, authentic jewellery and clothing  – everything from the best hands.