What Items Should Be Taken To The Festival?
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Water bottle
  • Two pairs of comfortable shoes and rubber boots
  • Raincoat and/or jacket
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Sportswear and the exercise mat
  • Some clothes for the Holi festival – the ones that can be thrown away afterwards, because the Holi powder is tough to wash away. Also if your hair is blond, you should cover it, because Holi powder might leave some marks there for a long time
  • We don’t have mosquitos in the area of festival but outside of the theritory tehy can bite. Take some mosquito spray or other items that help to prevent mosquito bites (the best is to wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants)
  • Towel
  • Everything you need for your hygiene. Our festival is environment-friendly, therefore we encourage you to use eco-friendly, nature-friendly products.
  • Sun protection (SPF cream, covering of the head)
  • Flashlight
  • Your plate, cup, spoon, and fork (we encourage you not to use the plastic plates)
  • Swimming costume
  • Headphones (for those, who will need translation from English language)
  • Notes and pen

Also don’t forget to bring your openness for the changes, knowledge, communication and sincerity.

How Should I Plan The Lectures?

For the majority of the lectures, the advance registration is not needed. Registration is only required to the lectures, where a limited number of people are allowed to participate – they will be marked with an “R” in the program.
You can register for those lectures at the info centre, not sooner than one day before the lecture.

How To Choose The Lecture I Should Go To?

On our Facebook and website, www.mastersofcalm, you can get all the information about the lecturers and their lectures. Every day after breakfast and lunch, the lecturers will publically give a short introduction about themselves along with what they are going to speak about.
You can also head over to the information centre, where the volunteers will kindly explain everything that they know about the lectures and lecturers.
So the information is readily available, the only question is – what is important for me, what do I want to learn?

How Can I Register For The Personal Consultations?

Visit the information center, and there you will be able to find out all the information about the consultations, massages and the other personal practices.

Can I Return The Ticket?

If there are no changes from the side of the festival (the festival date and place didn’t change), then the tickets are not refundable. We encourage you to find a friend or somebody who would like to buy the ticket from you (our Facebook page might be helpful for this).

What Is Included In The “All Included” Ticket?
  • Two lectures a day (you may choose according to your preference)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (all the meals are vegetarian, there are vegan options as well)
  • The majority of festival attractions (labyrinth, sports games, etc.)
  • Evening program
  • A place for tent
  • A spot for your car or camper.

* Additionally you will need to pay for personal consultations and massages and sweets from the local cafe, dirnks from green bar.
You might also want to buy some goods from our market.

Is It Possible To Sell My Own Items At The Festival? (Some Handwork And Art Pieces.)

Yes, we invite all the artists, artisans and creative people to join the market and sell their creations, except the food.
We are waiting for your messages and your portfolios: join@mastersofcalm.lt.

What Meals Will Be Provided At The Festival?

We’ll serve healthy vegetarian and vegan food thrice a day at a fixed time, and everybody will have their meals together.

I Want To Give A Class On Something Or Lead Some Sports (Yoga Or Any Other Excercises) - What Should I Do?

Write to us at mokytojai@mastersofcalm.lt and tell us about your experience, explain what would you like to share with the people and also, if possible, send us some relevant links about that.

Can I Bring My Pet?

No, we kindly ask to leave your pets at home.

Accomodation At The Festival

There will be a separate area at the festival, where you will be able to put your tent and if you have a camper, you will be able to park it without any additional fee.
If you require some more comfort, you can book a bed or the whole room in the wooden cottages, which have all the facilities needed.
For this matter contact: dovile@mastersofcalm.lt

And, of course, there always is an opportunity to sleep under the stars. You will always find some friends for this!

Can I Volunteer For The Festival Or Help In Any Other Means?

We already have the volunteers’ team for this year festival, but if you are super enthusiastic about volunteering and have the vision of how you’d like to contribute to the festival, write to us at viktorija@mastersofcalm.lt

What Time Is The Best For Buying The Tickets?

As wise people say – do it RIGHT NOW.
As the festival is approaching, the prices of the tickets will be increasing.

For How Long Should I Come?

Even one day being here will bring you happiness and joy, but if you want to experience the festival to the fullest, stay during the whole festival – 11 days.

Will There Be Any Showers And Toilet Rooms?

There will be bio-toilets in the area of the festival and “hand-made” ecological outdoor showers with warm water.
Along with that, you can always refresh in the big and clean lake of Asveja, which is nearby, but we kindly ask you not to use any shampoos, soaps, etc. while bathing there.

Will There Be Any Activities For The Teenagers At The Festival?

Yes, this year, teenagers (12-18 and older) will have educational and creative workshops which they can choose from 5 different types. Also there will be organized interactive and experiental hikes for the adventure seekers!

I’m A Journalist And Want To Make Photos, Film Or Write About The Festival. Who Should I Contact About It?

If you want to create memories for the festival please contact info@mastersofcalm.lt