While you are in the course of life-changing adventures, we ensure a comfortable place to experience it all. You will see the grounds decked up with colourful tents for stay, the ecological amenities that would take care of all your needs, and an environment which wouldn’t let you miss home.

In the land of Masters of Calm, if you’re sure about engaging in the quest of life, our dedicated teams at the festival are always happy to help and make ends meet.


Masters of Calm takes place in a retreat center called Auksine Giria located midst the enchanting Asveja regional park. The pine forest is also home to the longest lake in Lithuania. A kingdom of nature and peace, the place is everything you need to experience a breathtaking adventure.

Food and Water

The ticket price covers three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options. We request you to be in time as the food is served for an hour at the scheduled hour. Drinking water is accessible throughout the venue from the taps.

Living Conditions

For accommodation, we provide a campsite which feels just like home. We request you to carry along all your camping facilities. If you have a camper, we provide you the space without any extra fee for parking. However, electricity and water is not provided to campers.


As the place is family-friendly, we have a separate team who takes care of your kids while you enjoy your lectures and indulge in recreational activities. Whatansu experiential camp leaders has a huge variety of outdoor games, activities, and a designated sleeping area for kids and infants.


To promise you the best of hygiene we provide warm showers, while you also have the option to refresh yourself in the lake. We request you to respect the lake and use gels, shampoos, and soap, only in the shower. To have a comfortable and ecological stay, we insist that you carry clean bio-toilets and use the outdoor dish-washing tab.

Lectures and Workshops

Masters of Calm has everything from seminars and workshops to meditations and workouts led by the best of local and international masters and experts. Most of the seminars don’t require any prior registration but for some we only accommodate a limited number of participants to maintain a high degree of productivity. You can register for the respective lectures at the arrival.